On April 5, 2022, the City Council unanimously voted to retain the existing Council districts, which comply with all requirements of federal and state law. This page will be maintained as an archive of the proceedings for the next ten years pursuant to the requirements of the Fair Maps Act.

Community members are encouraged to draw and submit maps using the online mapping tool, Dave’s Redistricting App. The deadline for the public to submit maps for consideration at the March 1 public hearing is February 18, 2022. The final deadline for the public to submit maps as part of the process is March 2, 2022.

  • Dave’s Redistricting App (DRA) allows members of the community to create and submit proposed district maps for the city of Moreno Valley.
    • Create an account on the DRA website. Community members will need to register for an account in order to create district maps.
    • Once a resident has created an account and logged in, they can access the two templates below, starting either with a blank map or with the current districts. Once the template has loaded, just click the paintbrush icon to “Make an editable copy of this map.”
      • Start with a blank map of the city
      • Start with the current council districts
    • To submit your map, send an email with a link to your map to redistrict@moval.org. You can use the Share button at the top of the map page to generate a link to your map. If you do not email your map, it will not be entered into the public record for consideration.
    • For additional help, please see our “Resident How-To Guide” (in English or Spanish)
  • Interactive Review Map – to review, analyze, and compare maps, not to create them. Zoom in and out on map boundaries, view population counts/ID#s, and view draft maps (once the draft maps are released). Similar to Google Maps in ease of use.

If you would like to submit a map created using your own software, please email to redistrict@moval.org and include: (1) a GIS Shapefile and/or a Census Block equivalency file (using 2020 Census Blocks); and, (2) a description of the choices and key points of your map.

Submit maps to redistrict@moval.org. After you submit your map, the demographic consultants will generate the population and other demographic details for your proposed map. Maps can be viewed on the Draft Maps page or on the Interactive Review Map.

It is helpful if you submit written comments with your map describing how your map was drawn to meet the required criteria. An example of this would be describing the specific neighborhoods or communities of interest that are kept within a single district.